Top 5 Hot Photoshop Tips & Tricks in Five Minutes

Top 5 Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Are you looking around for a daily dose of Photoshop advise midst of your routine stuff. Here is quick video from Tutvid that lists out 5 Hot Photoshop Tips & Tricks in Five Minutes. This will definitely gonna make your life with Photoshop just a bit easier.

5 Hot Photoshop Tips & Tricks

In the video they are going to explain:

  1. Adding the Banana Tool to the toolbar – Choose to edit toolbar, hold down Shift key and hit the ‘Done’ button. The colorful Banana Tool will appear in the toolbar. To remove the banana tool, open the Customize Toolbar panel again and hold Alt/Opt while closing.
  2. The Duplicated Transform – Hit Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + Shift + T while selecting a single layer to duplicate the layer and repeat the transform.
  3. Stripping out the word ”Copy” from duplicated layer names – Go to the Fly Out menu in the layers panel, select Panel Options and uncheck ‘Add “copy” to Copied Layers and Groups.
  4. Adding precision to Lens Flare – Find the X/Y Coordinates of the place where you exactly need the lens flare to appear. For this go to Window and open Info panel. Now Alt/Opt + click anywhere on the Lens Flare Thumbnail in the lens Flare panel. Enter the coordinate values. Choose the brightness r type of lens flare and hit OK.
  5. Merging selected layers to a new layer – Select the layers you want to merge and hit Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + E

Those are five really cool – quick – hot tips and tricks of Photoshop. It’s sure that it might become in some point in your Photoshop career. You can find more of tutorials on Tutvid YouTube Channel. If you have any doubts or clarifications regarding this video, please do leave a comment below.  For more interesting tutorials you could subscribe to SnapsGuru newsletters or frequent this space.


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