RED Hydrogen One Smartphone Prototype: Hands-On Preview

Apart from the sneak peak that RED did last month, the buzz about the new smartphone remained confidential until Marques Brownlee got an exclusive first look at the RED Hydrogen One prototypes and he shared the findings on his YouTube channel.

When announced last month the RED smartphone with a price tag of $1,200 generated a notion among techies that the project would be just a concept. And this might take a long time to see the actual product in use. But this video killed it all:

Brownlee had the opportunity to get three separate prototypes from RED, a fit and finish model without a working display, a model that featured a working holographic display even though it didn’t look like the final product and a second fit and finish model that had a modular attachment similar to Moto Mods.

RED Hydrogen One Specs:

The front side has stereo pair speakers along with the 5.5 inch super high resolution display. There is also a selfie camera with an integrated flash to satisfy the consumer segment. Apart from the volume rockers on the left side, the power button on the right doubles as a fingerprint scanner and  has a  dedicated camera (video record) button too. The camera bump on the back has a dual camera with integrated flash setup.  There’s a USB type-c and a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom.

hydrogen one mod

The pins at the bottom of the back are laid for modular attachments similar to the Moto Mods. RED confirmed that the phone would sport a holographic display. But unfortunately the functioning of the display wasn’t allowed to show or it wouldn’t have translated very well on the video. The Hydrogen One will be slightly bigger and noticeably larger than the OnePlus 5 and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

hydrogen one comparison

RED Hydrogen One Official Release, Price and Availability

Now it feels the RED Hydrogen One is one step closer to the users and gives high expectations. We have to wait until next official announcements about the release dates, availability, pricing and reviews.


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