Photos Leaked: Tilt Screen on Nikon D850

nikon d850 vs d810 comparison

Nikon Rumors just now posted two leaked press photos of the new Nikon D850, one day after the company has confirmed its development. In one of the European marketing banners, Nikon actually had a D850 teaser with a picture of a camera pentaprism not seen on any other Nikon full frame DSLR models:
nikon d850 leaked pictures

The more revealing press photos came out soon after. Everything just happen two days after the company’s 100th anniversary. From the photos it is evident that the new camera features a tilt screen and illuminated buttons. The first photo shows the front of the camera with a lens attached:

Nikon D850 Leaked Photos

nikon D850 leaked photos

nikon d850 leaked images

The second leaked photo shows the camera from two angles. here you could see the complete button layout. We could spot a joystick, a relocated ISO button, no AEL button, and a redesigned physical interface. Also we can see the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi badging on the side. Nikon has removed the built in flash that was part of the D810 making it much similar to Canon full frame DSLR’s.

nikon d850 vs d810 comparison

This is an exciting piece of information for all Nikon fans all over the world. We could expect more real world photos and specification of the camera leaked in the coming days. Stay tuned to for more updates and rumors.


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