How to achieve a smooth Slider Shot using Gimbal

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to achieve a smooth slider shot using gimbal – tripod combination. Cinematographer Chung Dha explains his setup and type of shot that could be taken using his Samsung Galaxy S8.

Chung Dha uses a Manfrotto tripod and a Zhiyun Smooth III single handheld gimbal to make a smooth slider shot which is better than using the gimbal itself handheld. If you are using a gimbal alone, there are chances of your hand moving up and down affecting the smoothness. Moreover a good fluid head delivers an extra edge in attaining a smooth movement.

Setup for Slider Shot using Gimbal

The gimbal is mounted perpendicular to the the tripod horizontal and the camera is balanced and aligned with the gimbal which is pushed to operate in lock mode.

In the video, he’s using a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, but heavier cameras will require a more powerful gimbal and heavy tripod combination. Yes this clever idea can be scaled up – a mirrorless camera or a DSLR can be used.

Slider shot using can be easily adapted for travel vlogging and there is no need to carry an additional slider to achieve the required shot. Hope many of the vloggers would be benefited from this type of practical setups.

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